Impaired Driving Penalties and How to Get Your License Back

Losing your license due to impaired driving conviction might have a detrimental effect on your life, particularly if you depend on driving to get work or if you present in some rural area.

The Ontario Highway Traffic has created punishments which have been conditioned into the criminal code fines and also periods of imprisonment for the offenses related to drunk driving.  Toronto DUI Lawyer has mentioned that this also lead to suspension of the license for about a year for the first offence and a lifetime imprisonment for third offence.  Apart from being subject to suspension, these drivers have to complete education, remedial measures, and also treatment program for about ten months.  They will have to install the Ignition Interlock Device on the vehicle for 1 year and for 3rd offense to a lifetime.

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However, HTA is now allowing early reinstatement of a suspended license with the reinstatement of the Interlock Device, if you cater to certain conditions.  This is available to people who have been convicted for the first time impaired or if the driver refuses breathe sample offense which didn’t cause any bodily harm.

You need to have a car and a license in order to be eligible.  Moreover, you should not be another suspension and you need to pay the due fines.

Stream A

  • Minimum three months driving license suspension
  • Minimum Ignition Interlock Installation for a period of nine months.

This is only available to you if you have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced within a period of 89 days of being charged.

Stream B

  • Minimum 6 months of driving license suspension
  • Minimum Ignition Interlock Installation Period of 12 months


Toronto DUI Lawyer have mentioned that the two things required for the complete assessment of the needed remedial measures program and to establish a proof of the lease agreement of an Ignition Interlock Device which has been approved.

Toronto DUI Lawyer states that the primary difference in between the two streams is that it is applicable to the people who plead guilty and have been sentenced within 89 days of being charged. Stream B is applicable to those who have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced or people who lose the trial.  Stream A is applicable to people who haven’t been convicted of impaired driving or fail to give breath sample offense within a period of 10 years.

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Toronto DUI Lawyer mentions that there are a lot of good things about this new law. However, the primary concern is the innocent people.  People living in the rural water who depend on driving in order to get to work will plead guilty in order to get the license back as soon as possible since 89 days is not enough time to assess whether the defense is available. It is because of this tight time frame, it has become truly important to get hold of a Toronto DUI Lawyer and then make the decision after being informed about all your options.

However, when you choose a lawyer, you have to make sure that you have chosen an experienced and a licensed one.  Also, it is necessary to ensure that he/she specialized in DUI cases. Checking out the testimonials over the internet will help you to get a good lawyer.

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Reasons to Immigrate to Canada Stated by Markham Immigration Lawyer

Canada is known to admit around 250,000 newcomers each and every year. Even though United States admits more number of newcomers, the population size of Canada is much smaller than theirs.  Thus, as the percentage of total population, it admits as many newcomers every year as United States.  As a matter of fact, one in five Canadians are known to be foreign born.

Canada has a lot of experience when it comes to immigration and has invested in the success of many immigrants. In fact, they make a guide of the welcoming services that are available to the newcomers.

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Enough Room for You

As you already know, Canada is the second largest country. It is almost ten million square kilometers.  However, the population of this place is just 35 million. Canada boasts of a spacious countryside and scenic coastal towns for enough space for the newcomers. Markham Immigration Lawyer states the Canadian countryside is beautiful. Thus, people living in bigger cities escape to the cottages in the country.

You Get Good Education

Every Canadian citizen has the right to education. The mandatory schooling laws and the free public school system make sure that every citizen has the basic education. As a matter of fact, Canada offers greater access to advanced education than all the other countries. It is a great place for the international students for studying. The credentials provided by Canada are internationally respected. This will help the international students to apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

Getting Sick Gets You Covered

Just like education, access to medical services is taken to be a right in Canada.  The national health insurance system doesn’t deny the permanent residents or the Canadian citizen’s medical care simply because they cannot afford it.  In Canada, your annual income is not going to decide your access to the medical treatment.

Canada is Safe

Canada is known to be free and a tolerant country.  The Markham Immigration Lawyer mentions that it has a constitutional charter that protects our freedoms and rights. Canada has constantly done well in global surveys on quality of life, progress, and safety.  Canada is known to have secured the 2nd rank overall.  Moreover, it is also the 8th safest country.

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It has a Strong and Stable Economy

Markham Immigration Lawyer mentions that as per the statistics, it is the 10th largest economy in the world. It is known to have a sound banking system, and highly efficient labor markets. This means that it is well-positioned for a long-term growth. Canada plays a significant role in the global economy.  As a matter of fact, it has free trade agreement with many other countries.

Canada Needs You

Canada has an aging population and tends to face looming labor shortage. Thus, it depends on immigration for maintaining the population growth. They need people to help sustain the economy and social services.

If you want to immigrate to Canada and do not have any idea about the procedure, you can take the help of Markham Immigration Lawyer. Read about the new immigration changes in Canada here!


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Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer in Canada Mentions the Myths of Spousal Law Permanent Residency Sponsorship

Preparing the application to get permanent residency through a Family Class in Canada is not an easy or straightforward process states spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada. Even though there might not be any complication in proving the qualification and work experience, since there are economic immigration law, the spousal law sponsorship for permanent residency have complications. Take a look at the common myths about spousal sponsorship.

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An Outland Application is Possible if the Main Applicant is Living Outside Canada

It might sound strange but an outland application can also be made if the principal applicant is outside Canada. ‘Outland’ is a term that refers to the application which will be processed at a visa office outside Canada. Irrespective of where the sponsored persons stay, he/she might file an application in his/her home country. However, you can only file an ‘inland’ application if the sponsored person lives in Canada.

In spite of all the documentation in the outland application package that refers to the principal applicant not living in Canada, you can use the forms and list a Canadian residential and mailing address. Filling outland application from inside Canada might be more popular because applying outland is at times faster than the inland process according to spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada.

Couples Have to be Married to Apply

Spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada mentions that in Canada, you do not have to married to get permanent residency. As a matter of fact, the minimum requirement is to be considered common law for about one year. Couples will have to share same home, support each other, combine the financial affairs, and present as a couple in public.

For some of the couples, living as married couples might not be possible because of some circumstances which are beyond their control like restrictions caused by immigration, sexual orientation, and religion. This is the reason, it is possible to apply for conjugal partners during the time when the couple is in a relationship for a year but have not been able to live together because of the barriers.

Being Married Makes the Process Faster or Easier

There is an assumption among people that marrying a foreigner will guarantee permanent residency status. As a matter of fact, some people believe that if you get married, it will remove the need for application.

However, the truth is that the application for common-law, married, and conjugal partners is the same. The primary difference is in the type of evidence that is required for the application. All applicants will have to prove the legitimacy of the relationship. Hence, getting married is not an easy route as per the spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada.

There is a Minimum Financial Requirement for the Sponsors

Canada doesn’t need the sponsor to be earning a specific amount of money or have significant savings. Even though some financial information is needed as the part of the application as long as the sponsor doesn’t get social assistance for any reason other than disability, the earnings of the spouse are not taken into consideration. This simply means that students and self-employed people will be able to sponsor a foreign partner.

If there is an absence of monetary requirement, the sponsor will accept the obligation to offer financial support to the basic requirements of the partner for about three years. Spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada mentions that the sponsor will also have to support dependent children of the applicant.

Understand Your Employment Rights in Ontario

Did you just receive a job offer from any organization in Canada? You must be pretty excited with the fact. However, before you move ahead to Canada for the job, you need to remain aware of the employment laws and its associated rights. Understanding one’s right is very important as it won’t allow an employee to get wrongly fired from their job. In order to understand the employment rights, an best labour lawyer in Toronto can be of great help. Basically, employment attorneys can help any employee to learn their rights and privileges.

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Canadian Employees Need To Enjoy Their Rights

Are you an immigrant who has moved to Canada because of a better job opportunity? You will be glad to know that employees of Canada can enjoy better protection at their workplace. In fact, they enjoy far better rights that their counterparts, i.e. American employees.

Understanding Employment Rights

Employment rights are basically certain rights which employees enjoy. In fact, employers are bound to provide their employees with some basic rights.

According to a reputed best labour lawyer in Toronto, sadly many people are not fully aware of their workplace rights and obligations. Hence, it is crucial that they remain informed about the laws. Only then the employees can easily stand up against any form of injustice.

Basic Employment Rights  

Some of the basic rights that workers in Canada can get to enjoy are:

  • Minimum Wages – Employees should be provided minimum wage as it has been laid down. The minimum wages is $12.65 and it can go up as per qualification.
  • Sick Days – If an employee has worked for an employer for more than three successive months, they can enjoy 17 weeks of sick leave.
  • Vacation – Employees shouldn’t be barred from going on vacation. They can take their allotted vacation days that they have earned.
  • Work Hours – Best labour lawyer in Toronto states that employees can’t be forces to work more than eight hours in a day and forty hours in a week. In case of overtime, the worker must be overpaid.

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  • Severance Provisions – Employers should clearly mention in the contract the terms of termination. At the same time, if an employee is terminated without notice they should be paid for the notice period. On the other hand, when employees decide to leave their job, the notice period they should provide should be enjoyed.

Most of the workers in Canada are protected by the respective employment laws of the province. Usually, employees are kept protected by the Canadian Human Rights Act. Under this Act, employees should be kept protected from any kind of discrimination; especially when they are employed by the:

  • Federal Government
  • Private companies
  • First Nations Government

Best labour lawyer in Toronto mentions that the Ministry of Labor can easily promote awareness of employment standards, such as public holidays or the hours of work that employees are able to enjoy. Similarly, if any employee faces any kind of harassment at their workplace, they can protest it.

In this respect, employment attorneys try to mention that the Canadian Human Rights Act works along with Employment Equity Act. Hence, while the rights remain protected, also steps are taken to improve employment opportunities.

Violation of employment rights can be very harmful. In order to protect the employment rights, best labour lawyer in Toronto can be of great help. Get more info on Canadian employment law here!

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