Spousal Sponsorship Lawyer in Canada Mentions the Myths of Spousal Law Permanent Residency Sponsorship

Preparing the application to get permanent residency through a Family Class in Canada is not an easy or straightforward process states spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada. Even though there might not be any complication in proving the qualification and work experience, since there are economic immigration law, the spousal law sponsorship for permanent residency have complications. Take a look at the common myths about spousal sponsorship.

spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada

An Outland Application is Possible if the Main Applicant is Living Outside Canada

It might sound strange but an outland application can also be made if the principal applicant is outside Canada. ‘Outland’ is a term that refers to the application which will be processed at a visa office outside Canada. Irrespective of where the sponsored persons stay, he/she might file an application in his/her home country. However, you can only file an ‘inland’ application if the sponsored person lives in Canada.

In spite of all the documentation in the outland application package that refers to the principal applicant not living in Canada, you can use the forms and list a Canadian residential and mailing address. Filling outland application from inside Canada might be more popular because applying outland is at times faster than the inland process according to spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada.

Couples Have to be Married to Apply

Spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada mentions that in Canada, you do not have to married to get permanent residency. As a matter of fact, the minimum requirement is to be considered common law for about one year. Couples will have to share same home, support each other, combine the financial affairs, and present as a couple in public.

For some of the couples, living as married couples might not be possible because of some circumstances which are beyond their control like restrictions caused by immigration, sexual orientation, and religion. This is the reason, it is possible to apply for conjugal partners during the time when the couple is in a relationship for a year but have not been able to live together because of the barriers.

Being Married Makes the Process Faster or Easier

There is an assumption among people that marrying a foreigner will guarantee permanent residency status. As a matter of fact, some people believe that if you get married, it will remove the need for application.

However, the truth is that the application for common-law, married, and conjugal partners is the same. The primary difference is in the type of evidence that is required for the application. All applicants will have to prove the legitimacy of the relationship. Hence, getting married is not an easy route as per the spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada.

There is a Minimum Financial Requirement for the Sponsors

Canada doesn’t need the sponsor to be earning a specific amount of money or have significant savings. Even though some financial information is needed as the part of the application as long as the sponsor doesn’t get social assistance for any reason other than disability, the earnings of the spouse are not taken into consideration. This simply means that students and self-employed people will be able to sponsor a foreign partner.

If there is an absence of monetary requirement, the sponsor will accept the obligation to offer financial support to the basic requirements of the partner for about three years. Spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada mentions that the sponsor will also have to support dependent children of the applicant.

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