Impaired Driving Penalties and How to Get Your License Back

Losing your license due to impaired driving conviction might have a detrimental effect on your life, particularly if you depend on driving to get work or if you present in some rural area.

The Ontario Highway Traffic has created punishments which have been conditioned into the criminal code fines and also periods of imprisonment for the offenses related to drunk driving.  Toronto DUI Lawyer has mentioned that this also lead to suspension of the license for about a year for the first offence and a lifetime imprisonment for third offence.  Apart from being subject to suspension, these drivers have to complete education, remedial measures, and also treatment program for about ten months.  They will have to install the Ignition Interlock Device on the vehicle for 1 year and for 3rd offense to a lifetime.

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However, HTA is now allowing early reinstatement of a suspended license with the reinstatement of the Interlock Device, if you cater to certain conditions.  This is available to people who have been convicted for the first time impaired or if the driver refuses breathe sample offense which didn’t cause any bodily harm.

You need to have a car and a license in order to be eligible.  Moreover, you should not be another suspension and you need to pay the due fines.

Stream A

  • Minimum three months driving license suspension
  • Minimum Ignition Interlock Installation for a period of nine months.

This is only available to you if you have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced within a period of 89 days of being charged.

Stream B

  • Minimum 6 months of driving license suspension
  • Minimum Ignition Interlock Installation Period of 12 months


Toronto DUI Lawyer have mentioned that the two things required for the complete assessment of the needed remedial measures program and to establish a proof of the lease agreement of an Ignition Interlock Device which has been approved.

Toronto DUI Lawyer states that the primary difference in between the two streams is that it is applicable to the people who plead guilty and have been sentenced within 89 days of being charged. Stream B is applicable to those who have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced or people who lose the trial.  Stream A is applicable to people who haven’t been convicted of impaired driving or fail to give breath sample offense within a period of 10 years.

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Toronto DUI Lawyer mentions that there are a lot of good things about this new law. However, the primary concern is the innocent people.  People living in the rural water who depend on driving in order to get to work will plead guilty in order to get the license back as soon as possible since 89 days is not enough time to assess whether the defense is available. It is because of this tight time frame, it has become truly important to get hold of a Toronto DUI Lawyer and then make the decision after being informed about all your options.

However, when you choose a lawyer, you have to make sure that you have chosen an experienced and a licensed one.  Also, it is necessary to ensure that he/she specialized in DUI cases. Checking out the testimonials over the internet will help you to get a good lawyer.

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