Reasons to Immigrate to Canada Stated by Markham Immigration Lawyer

Canada is known to admit around 250,000 newcomers each and every year. Even though United States admits more number of newcomers, the population size of Canada is much smaller than theirs.  Thus, as the percentage of total population, it admits as many newcomers every year as United States.  As a matter of fact, one in five Canadians are known to be foreign born.

Canada has a lot of experience when it comes to immigration and has invested in the success of many immigrants. In fact, they make a guide of the welcoming services that are available to the newcomers.

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Enough Room for You

As you already know, Canada is the second largest country. It is almost ten million square kilometers.  However, the population of this place is just 35 million. Canada boasts of a spacious countryside and scenic coastal towns for enough space for the newcomers. Markham Immigration Lawyer states the Canadian countryside is beautiful. Thus, people living in bigger cities escape to the cottages in the country.

You Get Good Education

Every Canadian citizen has the right to education. The mandatory schooling laws and the free public school system make sure that every citizen has the basic education. As a matter of fact, Canada offers greater access to advanced education than all the other countries. It is a great place for the international students for studying. The credentials provided by Canada are internationally respected. This will help the international students to apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

Getting Sick Gets You Covered

Just like education, access to medical services is taken to be a right in Canada.  The national health insurance system doesn’t deny the permanent residents or the Canadian citizen’s medical care simply because they cannot afford it.  In Canada, your annual income is not going to decide your access to the medical treatment.

Canada is Safe

Canada is known to be free and a tolerant country.  The Markham Immigration Lawyer mentions that it has a constitutional charter that protects our freedoms and rights. Canada has constantly done well in global surveys on quality of life, progress, and safety.  Canada is known to have secured the 2nd rank overall.  Moreover, it is also the 8th safest country.

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It has a Strong and Stable Economy

Markham Immigration Lawyer mentions that as per the statistics, it is the 10th largest economy in the world. It is known to have a sound banking system, and highly efficient labor markets. This means that it is well-positioned for a long-term growth. Canada plays a significant role in the global economy.  As a matter of fact, it has free trade agreement with many other countries.

Canada Needs You

Canada has an aging population and tends to face looming labor shortage. Thus, it depends on immigration for maintaining the population growth. They need people to help sustain the economy and social services.

If you want to immigrate to Canada and do not have any idea about the procedure, you can take the help of Markham Immigration Lawyer. Read about the new immigration changes in Canada here!


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