P2S Round Tables on Sustainability

Pathways 2 Sustainability is an initiative driven by the community, for the community!

Sustainability Resources Ltd. hosts these P2S Round Tables on Sustainability to expand and incubate networks and build capacity to advance sustainability by:

  • Sharing innovative ideas, case studies and professional experience at events and through social media.
  • Enabling advanced dialogue on critical issues, and showcasing initiatives and leadership that accelerate momentum for our journey to become sustainable.

Hosted Round Tables on Sustainability

The Alberta Round Table events will be hosted across the Province with a focus on the bio-economy, clean technology solutions for community sustainability. These Round Tables are sponsored by the Government of Alberta, the Town of Drayton Valley and NorQuest College.

P2S Calgary Round Tables will be hosted in Calgary with a focus on Urban Resilience & Livability in Calgary’s Built Environment! These Round Table events are sponsored by Sustainability Resources, the City of Calgary, and DIRTT.

May 9th 2014 Calgary’s Round Table on Sustainability

Livability, Sustainability, and Creating Urban Resilience in Calgary’s Flood Prone Communities

This event was an incredible dialogue with Calgary’s community leaders to address some of the most wicked problems with land use, the built environment, and the challenge of creating resilience through policy, land use, and building practices.

This Round Table Event uncovered some key challenges and identified recommendations and solutions we need as we continue to grow our communities. Stay tuned for further engagement!

Featured Speakers!

  • Gian-Carlo Carra, Councillor Ward 9 City of Calgary
  • Darrell Sargent, Manager City of Calgary’s Flood Hazard Area Policy and Bylaw Review
  • Greg Hart, Principal and Co-Founder of Mindblendr
  • Cory Krygier, Principal of Jigsaw Homes Inc.


April 25th 2014 Drayton Valley’s Round Table on Sustainability Alberta’s Sustainable Future – Creating Momentum with Diana McQueen, Minister of Energy

This was the first Round Table leading up to Drayton Valley’s Pathways 2 Sustainability Conference to be hosted in the Spring of 2015. This was an opportunity to cultivate relationships and showcase emerging clean technology, bio-energy, and municipal-industry partnerships that enhance the economic, environmental sustainability of Drayton Valley and communities across Alberta.

Speakers included….

  • Karen Young, Executive Director Partnership and Collaboration – Alberta Innovates Tech Solutions
  • Dr. Stan Blade, CEO Alberta Innovates Bio-Solutions
  • Gordon Allison, Custom Energy Group
  • Minister Diana McQueen – Alberta Energy

Thank you to our P2S ALBERTA Sponsors!

 January 2014 Calgary Round Table on Sustainability – Greening the Built Environment

This event showcased solutions being actioned by leading developers, City Planners, and agencies to support “urban resilience” in the built environment. Guest Speakers included…

  • Tanya Doran Executive Director of the Canada Green Building Council
  • Lindsey Kindrat Principal 3 Point Environmental
  • Shawn Ripley Principal RDS Calgary
  • Rollin Stanley Planning Manager, City of Calgary

View Video coverage here!

Identified Pathways: There is a need for processes, tools, and incentives for greater collaboration between city planning and community leaders to develop and support stronger policies that advance sustainability (economic, social, environmental) at the development stage.

November 2013 Calgary Round Table on Sustainability – Corporate Sustainability and Investment

This event launched P2S Calgary and culminated in a series of recommendations for advancing community sustainability into Corporate Calgary’s priority areas. Guest speakers included…

  • Brenna Atnikov Coordinato of imagineCalgary
  • Bob Hawkesworth, Former Councilor and ED of MCCAC
  • Patrick Bohan, Community Relations Enmax

Identified Pathways: Communicating opportunities for investment in grass-roots community initiatives, strengthening corporate relationships with community leaders, and showcasing investment opportunities that demonstrate corporate stewardship of Calgary’s sustainability goals.

Get Involved in Calgary’s Round Tables on Sustainability!

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Thank you to our P2S CALGARY Sponsors

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