Understand Your Employment Rights in Ontario

Did you just receive a job offer from any organization in Canada? You must be pretty excited with the fact. However, before you move ahead to Canada for the job, you need to remain aware of the employment laws and its associated rights. Understanding one’s right is very important as it won’t allow an employee to get wrongly fired from their job. In order to understand the employment rights, an best labour lawyer in Toronto can be of great help. Basically, employment attorneys can help any employee to learn their rights and privileges.

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Canadian Employees Need To Enjoy Their Rights

Are you an immigrant who has moved to Canada because of a better job opportunity? You will be glad to know that employees of Canada can enjoy better protection at their workplace. In fact, they enjoy far better rights that their counterparts, i.e. American employees.

Understanding Employment Rights

Employment rights are basically certain rights which employees enjoy. In fact, employers are bound to provide their employees with some basic rights.

According to a reputed best labour lawyer in Toronto, sadly many people are not fully aware of their workplace rights and obligations. Hence, it is crucial that they remain informed about the laws. Only then the employees can easily stand up against any form of injustice.

Basic Employment Rights  

Some of the basic rights that workers in Canada can get to enjoy are:

  • Minimum Wages – Employees should be provided minimum wage as it has been laid down. The minimum wages is $12.65 and it can go up as per qualification.
  • Sick Days – If an employee has worked for an employer for more than three successive months, they can enjoy 17 weeks of sick leave.
  • Vacation – Employees shouldn’t be barred from going on vacation. They can take their allotted vacation days that they have earned.
  • Work Hours – Best labour lawyer in Toronto states that employees can’t be forces to work more than eight hours in a day and forty hours in a week. In case of overtime, the worker must be overpaid.

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  • Severance Provisions – Employers should clearly mention in the contract the terms of termination. At the same time, if an employee is terminated without notice they should be paid for the notice period. On the other hand, when employees decide to leave their job, the notice period they should provide should be enjoyed.

Most of the workers in Canada are protected by the respective employment laws of the province. Usually, employees are kept protected by the Canadian Human Rights Act. Under this Act, employees should be kept protected from any kind of discrimination; especially when they are employed by the:

  • Federal Government
  • Private companies
  • First Nations Government

Best labour lawyer in Toronto mentions that the Ministry of Labor can easily promote awareness of employment standards, such as public holidays or the hours of work that employees are able to enjoy. Similarly, if any employee faces any kind of harassment at their workplace, they can protest it.

In this respect, employment attorneys try to mention that the Canadian Human Rights Act works along with Employment Equity Act. Hence, while the rights remain protected, also steps are taken to improve employment opportunities.

Violation of employment rights can be very harmful. In order to protect the employment rights, best labour lawyer in Toronto can be of great help. Get more info on Canadian employment law here!

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